The Story of Atta Halilintar: Most Youtuber with Subscriber in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Here who doesn’t know Atta Halilintar?

If there are those who don’t know, then that person rarely opens Youtube. The name Atta Halilintar is currently in existence on Youtube, even almost every week, of course, there are only Atta videos that are hanging out on Trending Youtube. If it’s not a video from his channel, of course, a video from a different channel that talks about him become trending. Sometimes it’s boring too, each time you open Youtube, of course, there is Atta Halilintar.

Yes, this is proof that Atta Halilintar can be said to be the most successful YouTuber in Indonesia. Even the channel has reached 10 million subscribers. The number is the first in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

But who would have thought, behind the success of an Atta Halilintar, there was a long story he had gone through. A story that tells you that the path to success is not as easy as returning a palm.

Atta does not find many subscribers that are only in one or two weeks, but there is a process that has been passed, and perhaps it is he who understands the long process of success himself.

Now, this is the story of Atta Halilintar, the most successful Youtuber in Indonesia.

Atta Halilintar appeared on November 20, 1994, in Dumai, Riau. Before becoming like now, the first child of eleven siblings had enjoyed life is mediocre.

His family used to be a merchant who used to sell on the market. Atta used to live in a single residential location with cement and earthen floors.

In 2014, the family of Atta received no small test of life. This matter caused them to move to Malaysia.

Not only that, but the Atta family also received the small trial of life in Malaysia. Even Atta had published it from his school because he could not pay the school fees.

From there, the willingness to become a merchant began not to be restrained anymore. Atta wrote that he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

To help the economy of his family, Atta then opened a small business like selling cellphone number cards, etc.

Considering he is indeed significant in the market and has become accustomed to watching how to trade and how to dig money, eventually sharpening his hard mental work.

At the age of 13, Atta began to get acquainted with an online business, and he then opened his favorite store online. Atta wrote that his ill-turnover from his business was through the Internet.

Atta, who is diligently selling in forums and bloggers, finally succeeded in earning Rp. 1 billion in income at the age of 13 years with selling Chinese mobile phones.

After that, Atta began to get acquainted with Youtube. He is sure that later Youtube will become the most prominent media.

From this belief, Atta then created his elaborate channel with the name “mattaxuq.” This channel is entitled about the ball, because indeed at that time, Atta was a fan of sports and dreamed of becoming a futsal player.

Atta Halilintar was instrumental in creating the Gen Halilintar channel, a channel that contained vlogs about his family’s life. The following channel that catapulted the name of the Halilintar family familiar to the community.

Atta Halilintar is known as an ambitious young man. This can be seen in the video on his channel, which is almost all with the concept of enthusiasm and inspiration. Maybe because of this proposition why Atta’s subscriber numbers continue to increase every second.

The fact is Atta Halilintar is a young man who succeeded in his field of business before becoming a Youtuber. And, after becoming a Youtuber, he became more successful and multiplied with increasing popularity.

Although not a few also signaled the video that only copied showing cars, houses, and wealth, but thinks logically. Make it all a personal passion. That if people are different, you can do it too. Remember, it’s always envious of people who can’t afford it.

Youtuber becoming a professional career sensation since 2017, where it began to give a great ads commission for the channel owner. Many people who likes to express their self compete to become the most subscribe Youtuber. Not just from ads, but they also open for endorsement; some of the business type that frequently using Youtuber is online gaming business such as online casino and sportsbooks. Many agen judi bola in Indonesia especially using public figure from Youtuber to gain member and increase their brand identity.

Now Atta Halilintar is the number 1 youtube in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, not a few who question how much income Atta Halilintar from Youtube has?

If you have to guess, Atta’s revenue from Youtube has reached hundreds of millions per month. Wow, right, not to mention the income from the different businesses that he runs.

Once again, make it all as our passion, because sometimes someone can be very motivated when he sees different people better than him.


The Best Words of Life Motivation to Make Your Life More Enthusiastic

As a person who lives your life, you cannot be separated from problems and problems in life. Various life problems are indeed unpredictable and sometimes come from small or large problems that always make your life more difficult both physically and mentally.

Sometimes you need life motivational sayings from the people closest to you to always create your life more passionate. Like the wheel of life that continues to spin, sometimes we don’t often feel that the problem you are facing is difficult and creates us to assume that the problem will not pass away. But believe me, all things in this world are not permanent and one day they will be finished including our problems.

In order for your problems to be resolved quickly and life unencumbered, it is better for you as a person to always strive to continue to think positively and keep away from the negative thoughts that arise from the problem. Indeed it feels difficult to think positively when being hit by a problem, but it needs to be remembered by assuming positivity we can take lessons and practice from the problem you are experiencing. Even by being positive, we can remain calm in facing problems that are present and explore the best solutions to solve them.

Reading so many inspirational quotes that come from the experiences of many figures and people you know can sometimes help to give up motivation in our lives. This quote or quote can open your technique of thinking positively about your problem or your life. Who knows, by listening to these excerpts, it can help increase the spirit of our lives and direct our thinking techniques to a better direction.

The following are the various motivational sayings of your favorite life chosen by the editorial staff of from many figures who can help you think more positively. Please check below.

# Stop Blaming Everything

Tip: The attitude of blaming different people or something that is out of our control is an attitude that can stop the pace of our success. Focus on accepting the existing problem, stop blaming different people because it will not process ourselves to become better individuals. Based on information from Wayne Dyer, the effort to explore justification in this life is futile. Try to commit to picking up the responsibility laden with our lives and facing each of the problems that come with confidence.

# Take Risks, Dream Bigger, and Wish Big

Tip: Claude T. Bissell teaches us to remember to start our day with an attitude of enthusiasm, full of enthusiasm, and with a positive mind in welcoming life’s obstacles. Take more risks by focusing on the many opportunities that lie before your eyes. Give the best attention and service from you to need it. Never never have the chance to have a big dream so that you often have powerful goals for your will and hope that you will continue to succeed in each action.

# Do More and Wholeheartedly

Tip: Always work than what is paid for you now, then you will achieve a result that multiplies in the future. Make a commitment starting today to always give the best, what you do every day.

# Do What Makes You Happy

Tip: Realize the best strengths, talents, and interests in us and should not be tempted to take care of the superiority and strength of others. Focus your energy on being the best in your field. Search for interests and do the things we like with sincerity and keep learning. If you need to ask the opinions of the people closest to you because maybe they understand the power that maybe we are not aware of.

# Never Give Up Whatever Happens

Tip: Sometimes the obstacles in our lives can be called “ordinary” when compared to the challenges felt by different people who continue to fight harder than you face a bigger problem. All the work you do will not be useless as long as we don’t give up and can deal with it until the end. Don’t stop fighting because you think your business will be in vain. Remember that there are still not a few people out there who have more problems than you but never give up on them.

# Be grateful and appreciate the things we have

Tip: Always respect and not underestimate the closest things that we have like your parents, close relatives, or closest friends. Without support and their presence your life will probably become empty. Do not have the chance of success and life pleasure can only be achieved because of the support of people near you. Always respect their existence and give attention while still being able.

# Enjoy and Appreciate Changes in Life

Tip: Change is something that is sometimes scary, making you uncomfortable, confused, and difficult to adapt. But evolution needs to be carried out if you want to develop into a better and more resilient individual. Often the evolution of the environment becomes one of the main things why change sometimes comes without you knowing it and you are required to be someone who can adapt. Change now while you have time, focus our attention on the punishment you will receive in the future if you don’t take action now.

# Doubt is the Biggest Enemy in Reaching Dreams


Tip: Doubt is the main enemy of success. Often as human beings we feel mediocre because we don’t succeed in explaining the doubts in our minds. To be a champion, I and you need to familiarize our minds as an invincible force. Always think positively and carry out the actions in your mind regardless of the outcome. Don’t make doubts assume your limits to develop yourself and make achievements in life.

# Forgiveness Makes Us Become A Stronger Person

Tip: The attitude of forgiving those who have been guilty of us is the attitude that belongs to people who have strong character. The act of forgiving is an act of someone to forget the mistakes of others. By forgiving, we have lightened our minds, energy, and times. Revenge or hatred is what can hinder our civilization in life. Don’t be quiet and assume that time will heal a wounded heart, because you are the only one who has the right to forget and forgive anyone who is guilty of you. Be proud of yourself if you can forgive others because forgiveness is the action of strong people.

# Always Make Small Changes in a Better Direction

Tip: No matter how small the evolution you are doing as long as it is in a better direction, it will help our lives improve. Working on small changes regularly and with a sincere effort will create a great evolution in your life compared to not making changes at all. Remember that no matter how small the actions that make our lives more positive will bring great consequences in the future.



Don’t Let The Defeat In Your Poker Be 4 Reasons You Are Angry All Day

Everyone must have been angry at least once in a lifetime. Maybe it’s because you’re upset about traffic jams or because you miss the train to the point where you’re late in the office. But sometimes, some people get angry easily without being clear.

Like being angry is not always juntrungan can also damage the atmosphere of the people near you. Even though the name is available as soon as possible there is a fire. Therefore, recognize so many things that might cause you to be easily ignited so that you can immediately find a technique to overcome them.

Various matters that you have unwittingly been easily angry with :

# Not sleeping

It is not surprising anymore that people are sleeping. Make someone easy to be emotional. Lack of rest can contain alertness and decreased brain focus. So do not be surprised and sunbathe is not resting You become confused yourself, difficult to think clearly, difficult to remember, until it is difficult to receive new information. As a result, our efforts deteriorate sharply which can lead to stress. Stress effects of work are multiplied by the effect of not sleeping can make us explode like a time bomb.

This is done by research from the University of Pennsylvania which states that people who clot 4.5 hours each night around a week are more angry, sad, stressed, and tired. When they are sleeping for around 7-8 hours, their moods are better and more stable than in previous days.

# Depression

In addition, you can also try flowers for things that are challenging, you can also cause someone to get angry easily. In fact, people who can respond to something with rude behavior or words. Depression also allows one to do risky things, for example like reckless driving at high speed.

Depression should not be underestimated. If you are not infrequently angry but not and not energized to move, it is also always fun moody, try to consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

# Anxiety disorders

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ph.D, LCSW, a family of therapists in America, found that anxiety or danger can make a person manage their emotions.

People who are worried are used to being negative, something real. Conditions that are currently glowing or centered with unpleasant ones, they discharge them properly.

The difficulty of controlling these negative feelings and thoughts finally makes a person indicated his emotions with angry techniques.

# Hope does not match facts

In life, you must have a lot of expectations starting from trivial things to long term. However, the facts that occur do not match expectations, for example, there is no value of B + even if aspiring A or aspiring to rise, which can cause an explosion of thought in some people.

Especially when you are in a defeat a match is not in accordance with the expectations that you imagine, hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. For example in online poker games where the game relies heavily on basic rules and strategies. If you really understand the strategy then hope is good here you are and will become a reality not a mere victory.

This poker game can be a motivation for you. Where failure or defeat is not something that can make you give up. You can contact the Live Chat service to get a solution when there is a problem when playing. Besides that there are many online sites that provide online poker and other games such as Capsa, Blackjack, Casino and even Shoot Fish.

Take control of your anger You feel better
In addition, you can still find things that can cause you to get angry easily. Therefore, try to find things that cause it. You can decide what can be done to reduce the prevalence of irritability.

In addition, it is important to move the channel not to peak. One of the easiest techniques to use is unique in depth and slowly ejects it. Do these calm things until you feel better.