7 Things to Make Your Online Classes Run Smoothly

The virus that still spreads around the world requires every campus to dismiss its students. An online learning system replaced the learning system in the classroom. Of course, there are drastic changes in this learning system.

If in the classroom, you meet directly with your friends and lecturers, then inversely proportional to this online lecture because you meet them on the video conference application. However, there are things you should pay attention to so that your online lecture on the application is smooth. Come see the following list!

  • Use an online meeting application that saves internet quota.

There are currently a variety of video conference applications available to bring students and lecturers together online. One of them is Zoom Meetings, which is the best video conference application and saves internet quota. You can also propose the use of this application to your lecturers and classmates.

  • Use a low-cost provider and a stable network.

If you don’t have a WiFi network at home, you must choose an affordable provider to use the video conference application. Since stay-at-home regulations began, many telecommunications providers offer generous, even free quotas, so you can take part in online lectures. Well, you just have to choose which provider has a strong and stable network around your residence.

  • Look for a conducive house corner.

Choose a corner of the house that is conducive to attending online lectures, such as a study room. A conducive corner of the house will make you comfortable attending online lectures. You also will not be disturbed by family members and interference that comes from inside and outside the home.

  • Use modest clothing.

Treat your online lectures as you would in a classroom, including the clothes you wear. No need to wear new and nice clothes, just wear modest clothes. If you are wearing a hijab, you can just wear an instant hijab if you don’t want to be bothered.

  • Make sure there is no glaring sight behind you when recorded by the camera.

When studying online, your face and circumstances will be recorded by your front camera or webcam for your laptop. As much as possible, look for backgrounds that are not flashy such as walls or bookshelves. Do not show the parts that should not be seen by others, such as clotheslines.

  • Use a headset during an online college meeting.

A headset is useful for making you focus on listening to the explanation from your lecturer. You will not be disturbed by the sounds around you, like the voice of your family members or around your house. The effect, you will understand and understand what your lecturer is saying.

  • Follow the online lectures to completion.

When attending an online lecture, your views must continue to be on the computer screen to listen to the lecturer’s explanation. Do not look away from the computer screen until the lecture is finished. This attitude shows you appreciate your lecturer, who has taken pains to hold this online lecture.

Well, it’s easy to apply the above list, right? Hopefully, you can attend your online lectures smoothly!

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7 Words That Can Motivate Your Daily Life

Everyone has a different outlook on life and ways of thinking, so does their technique of living life.

Not all people are happy despite being rich and not all people always mourn when they have nothing. Many people feel their lives are the worst while those who feel that life is worse also don’t feel that way.

Sometimes not a few of you feel your life is still not good compared to other people’s lives. Have you ever or even often thought like this? If so, you must immediately cast such thoughts. There are many things that we don’t know about people who have a life that is no better than you but they can still be happy.

If you often ask how to be happy, or where you can buy happiness, you should be aware that happiness comes from yourself. Happiness does not come from other people, not hidden in a distant place, or even happiness must come at the right time according to your statement. Not at all touching the true understanding of happiness.

Thoughts that foster this happy boundary often come from how one does not adequately respect the life they have. Always matching yourself with different people or not often setting a standard of happiness with material size is a mistake that is often carried out repeatedly and continues to be carried out must know the matter is not something that is right. Unfortunately, even though this business is not something that is right, not a few who do not care and keep concentrating on their own happy standards.

Do you still see that your happiness can be set to standard? If so, you must be prepared for the fact that you will never be happy with your life. You will continue to thirst for achievements that are not infrequently more numerous, higher, and superior to you.

Conversely, when you feel your life is nothing, you often feel that you don’t deserve the happiness of life you receive. Wrong! This is clearly not a human thought and is not a proper mindset to instill in your offspring.

There are not a few things we can learn from our environment, one of which is how we create and feel your life to reach happiness without being set by certain standards. Our lives will not be happy only with material because material creates you and continues to thirst for more achievement. There are not a few things that you can learn about the motivations for a better life without having to include worldly things that are so mortal.

Failure occurs in our lives not only because you do not have the spirit of life, but because we are too late in the future and too anxious to undergo what will happen later in the day. As a result, you will not concentrate to complete what is in front of us, the results will also not be optimal and then again things that are perceived as negative emerge which also provoke us in the future.

Maybe you feel life is quite heavy and not infrequently there are new problems that are present and create more pressure every day for you. we feel that we are fed up with these problems because one has not passed a new problem. We need to know, as long as we live we will never avoid problems. It will often be that there are many new problems present in our lives and we cannot avoid them. So life is not a matter of how you solve problems, but more for how we deal with the reality of each day

If we live long enough, we make no small mistakes. But if you learn from that mistake, you will be a better person. That is how we face difficulties, not how the business affects you. The main thing is not to stop, not stop, and not stop. – William J. Clinton.

We, of all life, must have worked on what was called a mistake and that matter was the most human thing because humans were not perfect beings. But it is a foolish thing if you never learn from the mistakes you have ever made and the most powerful actions can be better people because you learn from mistakes. we will never be released from error and what creates you great is that you are brave enough to rise up and correct mistakes continuously without ever getting tired.

Our lives are not just about yourself. There are far more populations than just individuals, whose existence also supports your life. Never talk about what they have given you, what they have done for you. Ask the other way around, what have you done for others? When we expect a good action, don’t you have to start doing it first for someone else? Even so for our own lives and lives.

Sometimes you are blinded by worldly wealth that seems to be a determinant of someone’s happiness. Though the lesson is not a valid measure. Happy cannot be bought with money or exchanged for material. Happy get from someone when he successfully makes his life more meaningful. Even if we become the richest people in the world, we cannot be happy when you never feel enough. Try to see what we have now, isn’t it much better than what people out there have?

The life we live in now is not a matter of pursuing what its composition is but it is interpreted as something we have to go through and we fill it ourselves with experience. That is the real meaning of life. There is never a perfect understanding of life, what we do is the definition of life for yourself.

Sometimes you feel you are not favored by a number of people for certain things. Sad because not all people can like us, but look at the positive side. we don’t like people because you have what they don’t have, we live to fight for something and we get it while they don’t. What else do you want to be thankful for?