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4 Things You Can Do to Help Each Other in The Neighborhood

There is something different from this year’s story. The streets and public areas are quiet. There is no more lively festival like last year. The reason is a current situation that requires us to stay home and always keep our distance.

What we can do to inhibit this rate of growth is to stay at home and limit outside activities. If forced out, always pay attention to the distance when meeting other people and wear a mask. Don’t forget to always apply clean living behavior.

Do not stand idly by, and the community works together to help others in this situation. Many were popping up goodness stories that touch the heart. Although in the midst of limitations, good intentions must have a way.

Helping Each Other

What are the good stories like in the middle of 2020 this time? Let’s look at the review together.

  • Residents work together to clean the environment with disinfectants

Clean living is at the forefront of fighting so many disease. In various areas, residents spray disinfectants in their neighborhoods. Various angles that are often touched by humans, such as banisters, fences, etc. are sprayed so as not to transmit disease. Not relying on outside assistance, the goodness of these residents is often done purely self-supporting.

  • The story of neighbors helping each other when there is someone getting sick

This is evidenced by the emergence of stories of people helping each other when one of them is getting sick. Basic needs such as food and other supplies were supplied by residents when the other family is hospitalized and don’t have enough money. In the middle of 2020 this time, their story is evidence of high tolerance among residents who are still intertwined until now. Some of them even become an agent for online gambling business such as online casino and sportsbooks. Many agen judi bola in South-east Asia especially, trying to gain some money from that field by using the power of mouth-to-mouth from neighborhood to make other people become their sportsbook player/better and get rich together.

Helping Each Other

  • Many people become their own hero

So many heroic stories have appeared on the news or social media. Even though it was heavy story to look through, a smile still appeared on their faces when they help other family that in needs. You also can contribute to help by meeting their medical needs like giving them medicines, foods to eat, shirt to wear, and many more.

Some big companies invite you to participate in helping medical personnel who need self-protection tools in handling special cases like HIV patient or skin disease related. Any donation will have a big impact. Come on, you can donate anywhere in trusted foundation, and make a story of your own 2020 goodness!

  • Residents go around distributing free-food, including for online motorcycle taxi drivers

When at home, ordering takeaway through an online motorcycle taxi is a savior. Seeing this, many residents are doing good for ojek online. Some buy food for ojek online drivers through special applications without having to be delivered to the house. In addition, there are also those who distribute free-food/snack in front of their houses or neighborhoods for traveling ojek online.