5 Things that Can Make You More Intelligent

Being smart and smart is an important asset for a bright future. Not only have to rely on talent, but intelligence can also be trained and developed through good habits. Because not a few habits that actually neglect and make you lazy.

Everyone will want to be smart, but not everyone has it. There are some people who are already born smart, but some are lacking. Don’t worry, as long as there are intentions and effort, even a person with a smart brain can be defeated.


The following are five good habits that you can apply in your daily life and can make you smarter.

  • Broaden horizons.

Most people have smartphones or at least have accessed the internet. What you open can determine your intelligence. If you use a smartphone and the internet only to get online on social media, from now on, try to open up news or other insights.

So, you can always update the news that just happened. You can also make the internet a place to study online because now, many private lessons are open online. In addition, there are still many things that you don’t know are available on the internet.

Therefore, use a smartphone and the internet for positive things because it can determine your increased knowledge. If you are used to using the internet for good things, then it can become a habit that can unwittingly make you smarter.

  • Hang out with smart people.

Intelligence is not like a disease that is easily transmitted. But believe me, if you are friends and surrounded by smart people, then you will know how they become smart.

Although the level of intelligence of each person is different, you can make intelligence increase through good habits that you can know from the habits of smart people and smart. Usually, the conversation of smart people is more weighty than ordinary people, so you can take more benefits from it.

  • Read a lot.

Reading is the gate of knowledge. The more you read, the more knowledge and knowledge you will get. Maybe you already know these good habits. The more often you read, the more trained your brain will be to create brilliant ideas and thoughts.

Especially at this time, it is very easy for you to find reading material. Posts were scattered everywhere, ranging from physical and non-physical. Read it because reading habits can make you smarter because being smart isn’t instant.

  • Tells what has been read.

The habit of telling or teaching whatever you have learned can actually make you smarter. When you are able to teach science to others, that’s where you have understood the knowledge you are learning. Teach your knowledge that you can also you can make as a way to test yourself if you really understand what you are learning.


  • Try new things.

There are many new things around you that you don’t know yet. Originally want to try it, then you will understand it. But you also have to be able to distinguish between good and bad things, which are useful or not. Because not a few negative things that can make you addicted.