7 Things to Make Your Online Classes Run Smoothly

The virus that still spreads around the world requires every campus to dismiss its students. An online learning system replaced the learning system in the classroom. Of course, there are drastic changes in this learning system.

If in the classroom, you meet directly with your friends and lecturers, then inversely proportional to this online lecture because you meet them on the video conference application. However, there are things you should pay attention to so that your online lecture on the application is smooth. Come see the following list!

  • Use an online meeting application that saves internet quota.

There are currently a variety of video conference applications available to bring students and lecturers together online. One of them is Zoom Meetings, which is the best video conference application and saves internet quota. You can also propose the use of this application to your lecturers and classmates.

  • Use a low-cost provider and a stable network.

If you don’t have a WiFi network at home, you must choose an affordable provider to use the video conference application. Since stay-at-home regulations began, many telecommunications providers offer generous, even free quotas, so you can take part in online lectures. Well, you just have to choose which provider has a strong and stable network around your residence.

  • Look for a conducive house corner.

Choose a corner of the house that is conducive to attending online lectures, such as a study room. A conducive corner of the house will make you comfortable attending online lectures. You also will not be disturbed by family members and interference that comes from inside and outside the home.

  • Use modest clothing.

Treat your online lectures as you would in a classroom, including the clothes you wear. No need to wear new and nice clothes, just wear modest clothes. If you are wearing a hijab, you can just wear an instant hijab if you don’t want to be bothered.

  • Make sure there is no glaring sight behind you when recorded by the camera.

When studying online, your face and circumstances will be recorded by your front camera or webcam for your laptop. As much as possible, look for backgrounds that are not flashy such as walls or bookshelves. Do not show the parts that should not be seen by others, such as clotheslines.

  • Use a headset during an online college meeting.

A headset is useful for making you focus on listening to the explanation from your lecturer. You will not be disturbed by the sounds around you, like the voice of your family members or around your house. The effect, you will understand and understand what your lecturer is saying.

  • Follow the online lectures to completion.

When attending an online lecture, your views must continue to be on the computer screen to listen to the lecturer’s explanation. Do not look away from the computer screen until the lecture is finished. This attitude shows you appreciate your lecturer, who has taken pains to hold this online lecture.

Well, it’s easy to apply the above list, right? Hopefully, you can attend your online lectures smoothly!