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4 Things You Can Do to Help Each Other in The Neighborhood

There is something different from this year’s story. The streets and public areas are quiet. There is no more lively festival like last year. The reason is a current situation that requires us to stay home and always keep our distance.

What we can do to inhibit this rate of growth is to stay at home and limit outside activities. If forced out, always pay attention to the distance when meeting other people and wear a mask. Don’t forget to always apply clean living behavior.

Do not stand idly by, and the community works together to help others in this situation. Many were popping up goodness stories that touch the heart. Although in the midst of limitations, good intentions must have a way.

Helping Each Other

What are the good stories like in the middle of 2020 this time? Let’s look at the review together.

  • Residents work together to clean the environment with disinfectants

Clean living is at the forefront of fighting so many disease. In various areas, residents spray disinfectants in their neighborhoods. Various angles that are often touched by humans, such as banisters, fences, etc. are sprayed so as not to transmit disease. Not relying on outside assistance, the goodness of these residents is often done purely self-supporting.

  • The story of neighbors helping each other when there is someone getting sick

This is evidenced by the emergence of stories of people helping each other when one of them is getting sick. Basic needs such as food and other supplies were supplied by residents when the other family is hospitalized and don’t have enough money. In the middle of 2020 this time, their story is evidence of high tolerance among residents who are still intertwined until now. Some of them even become an agent for online gambling business such as online casino and sportsbooks. Many agen judi bola in South-east Asia especially, trying to gain some money from that field by using the power of mouth-to-mouth from neighborhood to make other people become their sportsbook player/better and get rich together.

Helping Each Other

  • Many people become their own hero

So many heroic stories have appeared on the news or social media. Even though it was heavy story to look through, a smile still appeared on their faces when they help other family that in needs. You also can contribute to help by meeting their medical needs like giving them medicines, foods to eat, shirt to wear, and many more.

Some big companies invite you to participate in helping medical personnel who need self-protection tools in handling special cases like HIV patient or skin disease related. Any donation will have a big impact. Come on, you can donate anywhere in trusted foundation, and make a story of your own 2020 goodness!

  • Residents go around distributing free-food, including for online motorcycle taxi drivers

When at home, ordering takeaway through an online motorcycle taxi is a savior. Seeing this, many residents are doing good for ojek online. Some buy food for ojek online drivers through special applications without having to be delivered to the house. In addition, there are also those who distribute free-food/snack in front of their houses or neighborhoods for traveling ojek online.


3 Tips for Remote Employees in the Middle of Pandemic

Jakarta – Two Indonesian citizens (WNI) tested positive for virus infection. No doubt, the first statement made by President Joko Widodo caused panic in many people. Some workers even begin to consider teleworking or working remotely from home.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, for example, urged residents to work remotely in anticipation of the transmission of the virus.

“Try to do teleworking. When pandemic begins to all over the surrounding environment, health authorities will give an appeal regarding the use of public transportation to crowded places,” Anies said, through his Instagram account, Monday (2/3). Teleworking, he said, helps companies keep going and keeps employees healthy.

Teleworking itself is defined as work arrangements where employees carry out routine work in locations other than the workplace and are supported by technological connections. Because it is performance based, the effectiveness of teleworking can be measured from the results achieved based on the implementation of company policy.


Stephanie Payne, a psychologist from Texas A&M University wrote in an article titled “Overcoming Telework Challenges: Outcomes of Successful Telework Strategies” published on the Research Gate website. In it written about some of the problems that might arise in creating a culture of teleworking to run effectively. Together with Tomika Greer from the University of Houston, they examined the difficulties that might arise in the concept of teleworking.

The following cites Research Gate and the Virtual Vocations site, some problems in working remotely and tips to overcome them.

1. Limiting work and personal areas

Socially, everyone makes and sets boundaries for a better life. One of them is the separation between work and personal life. Teleworking will obscure these limitations and potentially create clashes between work and personal matters.

The solution, create your own work area. If there is no extra space, make a corner of the room or a certain room in the house as your work area. Talk to your family about the condition. In addition, with the concept of teleworking, workers can save a lot of things and live healthier lives. In the midst of the virus that has been found in Indonesia, remote work guarantees worker safety. You also can switch your remote work in a meantime for a fun game like online slot or gambling in Judisakti as the most trusted online gambling so you can get some money by only refreshing your mind through some slot games or poker card games. Also you don’t need to worry about your account data getting leaked because we only share the best and trusted online gambling that you can find easily on Google search.

2. Set a schedule

When your professional and personal life is under one roof, the boundary between work time and for yourself often becomes blurred. Unclear boundaries can lead to reduced productivity.

You are advised to make your own schedule. In general, teleworking offers flexibility in terms of time and scheduling.

Set a time when you start work and when you have to end your work. Also set a time for relaxation, lunch, or exercise.

Apart from being a control tool so that you can work on time, scheduling is important so that you do not work excessively.

3. Look for self motivation

Free from managerial supervision in the office sometimes makes employees feel motivated to work hard. In remote work, motivation will be very challenging because workers are surrounded by the comfort of a home or cafe.

Record small daily or weekly targets. A note of targets – whatever they may be – can help motivate you not to forget work assignments that accumulate and finish them immediately.


4 Important Efforts When Facing Household Problems

Housekeeping does not always bring happiness that we have never felt before but also can introduce us to many conflicts that we never expected.

The personality and character of a partner that turns out to be hard for you to accept is usually the root of many problems in your marriage relationship. We really can’t avoid the problem of the location of the stairs. However, you can deal with it appropriately.

Almost all people will see their original character when they get married. Because, after marriage, we live around 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for life with the same person. There are no more traits and characters that can be covered with each other. If the difference between the period of introduction and marriage is too striking, this business is often the trigger for problems in relationships. We or couples can sometimes overreact to one problem after another that rises to the surface. The following are various ways of being wise and mature in dealing with the problem of staying in the stairs.

1. Nostalgia

If we feel that the more days our relationship and partner become more problematic, try to look briefly into the past. Remember the aesthetic moments with your partner. Think about what created you from those who initially did not know each other until they finally concluded to get married. Keep in mind home the funny and exciting events that we’ve ever passed with a partner.

Also, keep in mind the sacred promises of marriage that you have ever shared. With nostalgia, you will return to a time full of happy love. You also become more convinced that this problem is not appropriate to damage the happiness that you and your partner have made until this moment.

2. Dig home the positive character of the couple

If you feel stuck with the wrong person when you think, then what you need to do is remember the positive attitude and character of the couple. You must realize that the decisive role that the couple has follows which is one of the arguments for why we choose it to be a life partner. Focus on the good things that make you fall in love with him.

That way, your mind will be negative about it, not much distracted. Continue to do this to process your perceptions and your techniques to respond to your partner. Don’t just look at the wrong character. As long as the bad character does not hurt us physically and psychologically, you need to understand that each person has weaknesses that need to be understood. So you need to accept it and look for other techniques to move your mind to things you don’t like.

3. Try to look in the mirror and introspect yourself

If we feel the root of all the problems that come are partners, try to reflect on yourself first. Is this matter a couple’s mistake or even you who exaggerate. Look inwardly neutrally what is the main cause of this never-ending problem.

If it turns out we realize that your shortcomings cause this business, then you should not be ashamed to admit it. Apologizing will not create our self-esteem falling in the presence of a partner. On the contrary, couples will see you as an unselfish person. If at different times the situation is reversed, then the couple will be compelled to do the same thing as we do.

4. Show our efforts to guard the relationship remains good

Even though you and your partner are having a little problem with the location of the stairs, still show affection. Show him that we are still the couple who gives attention to him and looks at all the affairs he likes. For example, when we return to work, we take the time to cook their favorite food.

Besides, when watching a couple having trouble carrying a tub containing laundry to the attic to hang out, immediately help the couple bring it. Even though we don’t speak anything because we still feel annoyed, this action is quite showing to the couple that we are still struggling to guard this marriage to continue well even though the problem is the location of the stairs.

The more often you and your partner think and do positive things, the greater the chance to think openly and pay attention to complaints and opinions from each other.


Feeling Saturated with a Spouse, Should You End a Relationship?

Whose name is a long-term relationship, whether it’s still in the courtship stage or has been married for years, big maybe you will be hit by boredom and boredom? How not to get bored if you meet, eat, chat, and sleep with the same person every day? Not to mention the problem that we both face even may only revolve on the same issue, and that’s it. So if the fire of love is no longer burning, should you conclude the person when he feels bored with relationships?

If we feel that everything is going well, the relationship feels bland and flat because you no longer feel like you are spending time with your partner, you shouldn’t be tempted by emotion for a moment.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist, and relationship from the United States recommends that you first find out what creates you feeling bored with our relationship. There are many issues that we may not even realize are the cause of the boredom we are experiencing.

Maybe we feel bored because the work you do on a weekly night is limited to dinner at the mall and watching a movie. You may feel bored with just a flat sex routine. Or because you and the person he has known for the longest time, the conversation material has ended too late and feels there is nothing more unique to talk about.

Sense of saturation is very common in two people who undergo an exclusive relationship, especially if they have lived it in a long time. Rachel A. Sussman, L.C.S.W., claimed that the mind is automatically programmed to explore new and interesting things. Therefore, a person can feel bored with something that is just that and has long been carried out – classified as having a love affair.

In conclusion, getting bored with a partner is not a sign that the relationship has been unhealthy, after all, must be quickly terminated if you are still sincerely loving him. Boredom with relationships is only a small stumbling block from the journey you need to pass.

Talk to your partner openly

When the relationship begins to fel boring, it’s good to talk honestly and openly. You can start by striving to express what you think, certainly with subtle language and not mentioning feelings. Maybe your partner feels the same business but doesn’t dare to say it.

Well, after you both understand each other’s feelings, start to jointly explore the solution of the boredom that is being faced. A healthy relationship is when two people fall in love with one another and support one another. Besides, healthy relationships are often manifested by the sincere willingness of one another to assist one another in joy and sorrow.

Find a solution!

Trying so many new things can be one technique to get rid of boredom and warm your relationship home. Do not be phobic and awkward to try so many things that you have never done before, because healthy relationships need to be nurtured to continue to thrive.

If you are bored with just that fast job, explore exploring the virtual world to find new ideas. Go to the beach or go up the mountain to drain the weekend together. Or if our budget is sufficient, leave the city or abroad to explore a new atmosphere. Spending time at the location of time alone together can open up new opportunities to get to know each other better.


Success Story Veronika Linardi – Founder of and

Are you having trouble finding work?

Are we a fresh graduate who wants to start a career and explore job vacancies or we are seasoned people who are already bored with the old work location and want to resign? Quiet! You can use online software for all professionals to add careers, like and For all job seekers, of course, you know about this software.

But do we know who is the figure behind and He is Veronika Linardi, Co-Founder, and CEO of, Veronika Linardi is also the founder of the software jobs and Linardi Associates. Then what is the inspiring story of Veronika Linardi? The following is a triumphant story from Veronika Linardi, the founder of and, opened from biographies, profiles, and life’s journey. See the explanation.

Qerja is a community to share information about workplaces and salaries, especially for companies that are currently in Indonesia. Qerja has a database consisting of thousands of salary data and reviews of workplaces from a very accurate source, namely the experience of all employees.

While is a website that contains information on job vacancies in Indonesia. In the software, you can quickly dig for job vacancies according to our passion and willingness, classified as salary and position.

Biography of Veronika Linardi

Not a little is known about Veronika Linardi. This beautiful woman who appeared in Jakarta is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, United States. The idea to explore the company’s candidates arose when he helped his friend to find the right job for a company. This is where Veronika Linardi pursued her passion field and then decided to deepen this hobby.

Based on information from Veronika Linardi, Human Resources (HR) is a business that is unique because it is concerned with careers, among the most critical aspects of our lives. Nowadays people don’t only look for work to eat, but they also do jobs that are suitable for their base. Because according to him someone would not be happy if they only pursue a career without being accompanied by passion.

Veronika Linardi also realized that creating connections, helping people pursue companies where they could contribute to their skills, and helping companies find the candidates they needed, was something he could be proud of.


When one time Veronika Linardi started Qerja, she stated that she did not have a little experience in the world of the technology business. He always relied on skills in the HR field according to empirical work with not a few candidates and global learning space companies.

“I am determined to build a one-stop (Complete) career platform where we can help solve problems and respond to questions that people have about careers and self-development.”

Based on a survey conducted by Gallup, only 8% of Indonesian employees feel plunged into their world of work, while 15% of them intentionally do not involve themselves.

To overcome this, Veronika Linardi with Stephen Kohar finally enforced Qerja in April 2014. Qerja struggles to create a community where each person can share information on the company’s salary scale, and empirically they work in a company to the point that people can make decisions more directional (Material Consideration), and at the end will add happiness in the life of their activities.

On the first operational month (April 2014) the site has been visited by more than 50,000 people. Visitors do not only come from search engines to find salary information and company discussions but also to submit contributions by entering salary and review of their work location.

“We have not a few followers who support us with hundreds of thousands of user-created content.”

The support of this powerful user base is the end to launch Qerja as the most potent career portal in Indonesia.


This Inspirational Story Encourages You to Always Do Good

It should be if every person always does good works, both for themselves and others. With good things, it will certainly make life in this world better.

No need to be a rich person to be able to participate in each of the good things that exist. Even by doing simple or small actions, it can play a role not a little to work on changes that function in the lives of individuals and different people around.

Well, as follows, there are a number of simple inspirational stories that can encourage you to always do good things to anyone.

# Blood Donation

One day, there was a woman who worked on blood donation in a charity work. After donating her blood, the woman immediately boarded the bus to return to her house. But around the trip, he enjoyed something strange. The woman felt dizzy that was unbearable, even finally unconscious not awake on the bus.

This certainly creates all passengers on the bus helping him belong to bus drivers who directly process the route to the nearest hospital to avoid things that are not expected to happen.

Because of the fainting, his valuable money and merchandise rose and scattered everywhere. But this condition does not create other bus passengers intending to work on lewd acts by picking up their belongings. All merchandise is returned without much less.

The kindness of a blood donor carried out by a woman turned to her with the virtue of the bus driver who drove her to the nearest sick residence and the passengers inside who turned the items around without any lack.

# Offering Seats when on Public Transport

There is someone going to work by bus. Luck sided with him, because when he stepped on the bus he immediately got a seat.

It is undeniable that the seating location in all public transportation is indeed the target of all passengers. Moreover, if not a few passengers take the bus, of course they will fight each other to occupy an empty place.

After a number of trips, the entire seat on the bus began to fill up. Not long after, a girl entered wearing pretty high heels. Because the whole seat on the bus is full, you want to not want the girl to stand up even though in a situation that is totally uncomfortable.

Immediately the person imagined if he himself was in the same situation as the girl, namely standing on the bus with the situation of using high heels, of course the most uncomfortable and troublesome. That way, the person offered his seat to be handed over to the girl. The girl immediately smiled and thanked her.

Later, the person left the office by bus and had to wear heels too. But unexpectedly, there was another girl who offered her seat to the person.

The above conditions can be used as learning as well, ie if it is indeed necessary to wear high heels to the office, try to replace them with sandals or flat shoes when going to use public transportation. Because wearing high heels is not only a hassle for yourself, but it will endanger different people around us.

# Giving Something to the Needs

On one day, there was a group of school children who went to the location behind their school when bedtime arrived. Of course, this matter will create different people who feel suspicious to see it. It could be that people suspect that a bunch of these children are doing unexpected things like smoking.

But in fact the assumption was wrong, it turns out the school children were handing out used clothes and food to a homeless father who often wandered around the school area.

If you witness the actions of these children, surely they will be moved to help ease the burden of the homeless, right?

Planting Goodness Will Give You Kindness

Doing good deeds on different people will give up good fruit then the day. The more simple little good that is done, there will be not a few virtues that come to you even though they don’t come directly. In essence, whatever I and you do will receive the appropriate reply.