Feeling Saturated with a Spouse, Should You End a Relationship?

Whose name is a long-term relationship, whether it’s still in the courtship stage or has been married for years, big maybe you will be hit by boredom and boredom? How not to get bored if you meet, eat, chat, and sleep with the same person every day? Not to mention the problem that we both face even may only revolve on the same issue, and that’s it. So if the fire of love is no longer burning, should you conclude the person when he feels bored with relationships?

If we feel that everything is going well, the relationship feels bland and flat because you no longer feel like you are spending time with your partner, you shouldn’t be tempted by emotion for a moment.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist, and relationship from the United States recommends that you first find out what creates you feeling bored with our relationship. There are many issues that we may not even realize are the cause of the boredom we are experiencing.

Maybe we feel bored because the work you do on a weekly night is limited to dinner at the mall and watching a movie. You may feel bored with just a flat sex routine. Or because you and the person he has known for the longest time, the conversation material has ended too late and feels there is nothing more unique to talk about.

Sense of saturation is very common in two people who undergo an exclusive relationship, especially if they have lived it in a long time. Rachel A. Sussman, L.C.S.W., claimed that the mind is automatically programmed to explore new and interesting things. Therefore, a person can feel bored with something that is just that and has long been carried out – classified as having a love affair.

In conclusion, getting bored with a partner is not a sign that the relationship has been unhealthy, after all, must be quickly terminated if you are still sincerely loving him. Boredom with relationships is only a small stumbling block from the journey you need to pass.

Talk to your partner openly

When the relationship begins to fel boring, it’s good to talk honestly and openly. You can start by striving to express what you think, certainly with subtle language and not mentioning feelings. Maybe your partner feels the same business but doesn’t dare to say it.

Well, after you both understand each other’s feelings, start to jointly explore the solution of the boredom that is being faced. A healthy relationship is when two people fall in love with one another and support one another. Besides, healthy relationships are often manifested by the sincere willingness of one another to assist one another in joy and sorrow.

Find a solution!

Trying so many new things can be one technique to get rid of boredom and warm your relationship home. Do not be phobic and awkward to try so many things that you have never done before, because healthy relationships need to be nurtured to continue to thrive.

If you are bored with just that fast job, explore exploring the virtual world to find new ideas. Go to the beach or go up the mountain to drain the weekend together. Or if our budget is sufficient, leave the city or abroad to explore a new atmosphere. Spending time at the location of time alone together can open up new opportunities to get to know each other better.