Feeling Saturated with a Spouse, Should You End a Relationship?

Whose name is a long-term relationship, whether it’s still in the courtship stage or has been married for years, big maybe you will be hit by boredom and boredom? How not to get bored if you meet, eat, chat, and sleep with the same person every day? Not to mention the problem that we both face even may only revolve on the same issue, and that’s it. So if the fire of love is no longer burning, should you conclude the person when he feels bored with relationships?

If we feel that everything is going well, the relationship feels bland and flat because you no longer feel like you are spending time with your partner, you shouldn’t be tempted by emotion for a moment.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist, and relationship from the United States recommends that you first find out what creates you feeling bored with our relationship. There are many issues that we may not even realize are the cause of the boredom we are experiencing.

Maybe we feel bored because the work you do on a weekly night is limited to dinner at the mall and watching a movie. You may feel bored with just a flat sex routine. Or because you and the person he has known for the longest time, the conversation material has ended too late and feels there is nothing more unique to talk about.

Sense of saturation is very common in two people who undergo an exclusive relationship, especially if they have lived it in a long time. Rachel A. Sussman, L.C.S.W., claimed that the mind is automatically programmed to explore new and interesting things. Therefore, a person can feel bored with something that is just that and has long been carried out – classified as having a love affair.

In conclusion, getting bored with a partner is not a sign that the relationship has been unhealthy, after all, must be quickly terminated if you are still sincerely loving him. Boredom with relationships is only a small stumbling block from the journey you need to pass.

Talk to your partner openly

When the relationship begins to fel boring, it’s good to talk honestly and openly. You can start by striving to express what you think, certainly with subtle language and not mentioning feelings. Maybe your partner feels the same business but doesn’t dare to say it.

Well, after you both understand each other’s feelings, start to jointly explore the solution of the boredom that is being faced. A healthy relationship is when two people fall in love with one another and support one another. Besides, healthy relationships are often manifested by the sincere willingness of one another to assist one another in joy and sorrow.

Find a solution!

Trying so many new things can be one technique to get rid of boredom and warm your relationship home. Do not be phobic and awkward to try so many things that you have never done before, because healthy relationships need to be nurtured to continue to thrive.

If you are bored with just that fast job, explore exploring the virtual world to find new ideas. Go to the beach or go up the mountain to drain the weekend together. Or if our budget is sufficient, leave the city or abroad to explore a new atmosphere. Spending time at the location of time alone together can open up new opportunities to get to know each other better.


Recognizing Mistakes is More Valuable than Perfect Temples

I don’t think there is anyone who is going to be blamed.

Nor did anyone want to create mistakes. All of us will always strive to do our best and make sure everything is perfect.

It’s just that sometimes you are more consumed by ego and prestige. We are too proud to apologize when doing wrong. Too shy to admit that this person has a mistake. Even though other people can appreciate you more if you want to admit mistakes rather than merely pretending to be perfect.

Learning to Recognize Learning Mistakes to Become a Better Person

Because knowing and declaring yourself is wrong; from there, you learn to be a better individual. We cannot wear masks and pretend to be perfect individuals. Even though in reality you have not a few mistakes and weaknesses in yourself. We learn to be exposed and honest by acknowledging existing weaknesses and weaknesses. It’s not just being a “fake” person and claiming to be a perfect one.

Mistakes Make Us Remember to Always Be Humble

Don’t let you be a very arrogant and pretentious person in front of people. Because it creates mistakes, you are reminded again if we need to be human beings who remain humble. Control your ego and emotions better. It is not precisely feeling very right and creating a life for different people to suffer.

Because It Is Wrong, We Understand The Meaning of Gratitude More

Because you fall, you value your healthy feet and can walk. Because you know the tightness of crying and tears, you learn to appreciate more happy moments. And from doing wrong, you will better understand the meaning of gratitude. Thankful because it turns out you are still reminded to be careful about stepping. Grateful because it turns out you were told the signs so that you don’t repeat the same mistake or fall in the same hole. So that you will be a wiser and more mature individual in the future.

Perfect Temples That Over Time Will Make Us Tired

When you pretend to be perfect, really we will only demand more than a few things from ourselves. We burden ourselves with things that you should do. Over time this will create us tired ourselves. We lose our real character and identity. People can feel uncomfortable around us.

Ah, we are all creatures who have never escaped being wrong. At work locations, in romance and work, until things are concerned with the people closest to us, we certainly have made mistakes. It is true that admitting the error is far more severe, but from there we will learn more, not a few more things.


The Story of Atta Halilintar: Youtuber with Most Subscriber in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Here who doesn’t know Atta Halilintar?

If there are those who don’t know, then that person rarely opens Youtube. The name Atta Halilintar is currently in existence on Youtube, even almost every week, of course, there are only Atta videos that are hanging out on Trending Youtube. If it’s not a video from his channel, of course, a video from a different channel that talks about him become trending. Sometimes it’s boring too, each time you open Youtube, of course, there is Atta Halilintar.

Yes, this is proof that Atta Halilintar can be said to be the most successful YouTuber in Indonesia. Even the channel has reached 10 million subscribers. The number is the first in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

But who would have thought, behind the success of an Atta Halilintar, there was a long story he had gone through. A story that tells you that the path to success is not as easy as returning a palm.

Atta does not find many subscribers that are only in one or two weeks, but there is a process that has been passed, and perhaps it is he who understands the long process of success himself.

Now, this is the story of Atta Halilintar, the most successful Youtuber in Indonesia.

Atta Halilintar appeared on November 20, 1994, in Dumai, Riau. Before becoming like now, the first child of eleven siblings had enjoyed life is mediocre.

His family used to be a merchant who used to sell on the market. Atta used to live in a single residential location with cement and earthen floors.

In 2014, the family of Atta received no small test of life. This matter caused them to move to Malaysia.

Not only that, but the Atta family also received the small trial of life in Malaysia. Even Atta had published it from his school because he could not pay the school fees.

From there, the willingness to become a merchant began not to be restrained anymore. Atta wrote that he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

To help the economy of his family, Atta then opened a small business like selling cellphone number cards, etc. Such as a golden boy in his young age! He only thinks about making money for his family no matter how hard it is.

Considering he is indeed significant in the market and has become accustomed to watching how to trade and how to dig money, eventually sharpening his hard mental work.

At the age of 13, Atta began to get acquainted with an online business, and he then opened his favorite store online. Atta wrote that his ill-turnover from his business was through the Internet.

Atta, who is diligently selling in forums and bloggers, finally succeeded in earning Rp. 1 billion in income at the age of 13 years with selling Chinese mobile phones.

After that, Atta began to get acquainted with Youtube. He is sure that later Youtube will become the most prominent media.

From this belief, Atta then created his elaborate channel with the name “mattaxuq.” This channel is entitled about the ball, because indeed at that time, Atta was a fan of sports and dreamed of becoming a futsal player.

Atta Halilintar was instrumental in creating the Gen Halilintar channel, a channel that contained vlogs about his family’s life. The following channel that catapulted the name of the Halilintar family familiar to the community.

Atta Halilintar is known as an ambitious young man. This can be seen in the video on his channel, which is almost all with the concept of enthusiasm and inspiration. Maybe because of this proposition why Atta’s subscriber numbers continue to increase every second.

The fact is Atta Halilintar is a young man who succeeded in his field of business before becoming a Youtuber. And, after becoming a Youtuber, he became more successful and multiplied with increasing popularity.

Although not a few also signaled the video that only copied showing cars, houses, and wealth, but thinks logically. Make it all a personal passion. That if people are different, you can do it too. Remember, it’s always envious of people who can’t afford it.

Now Atta Halilintar is the number 1 youtube in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, not a few who question how much income Atta Halilintar from Youtube has?

If you have to guess, Atta’s revenue from Youtube has reached hundreds of millions per month. Wow, right, not to mention the income from the different businesses that he runs.

Once again, make it all as our passion, because sometimes someone can be very motivated when he sees different people better than him.


Success Story Veronika Linardi – Founder of and

Are you having trouble finding work?

Are we a fresh graduate who wants to start a career and explore job vacancies or we are seasoned people who are already bored with the old work location and want to resign? Quiet! You can use online software for all professionals to add careers, like and For all job seekers, of course, you know about this software.

But do we know who is the figure behind and He is Veronika Linardi, Co-Founder, and CEO of, Veronika Linardi is also the founder of the software jobs and Linardi Associates. Then what is the inspiring story of Veronika Linardi? The following is a triumphant story from Veronika Linardi, the founder of and, opened from biographies, profiles, and life’s journey. See the explanation.

Qerja is a community to share information about workplaces and salaries, especially for companies that are currently in Indonesia. Qerja has a database consisting of thousands of salary data and reviews of workplaces from a very accurate source, namely the experience of all employees.

While is a website that contains information on job vacancies in Indonesia. In the software, you can quickly dig for job vacancies according to our passion and willingness, classified as salary and position.

Biography of Veronika Linardi

Not a little is known about Veronika Linardi. This beautiful woman who appeared in Jakarta is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, United States. The idea to explore the company’s candidates arose when he helped his friend to find the right job for a company. This is where Veronika Linardi pursued her passion field and then decided to deepen this hobby.

Based on information from Veronika Linardi, Human Resources (HR) is a business that is unique because it is concerned with careers, among the most critical aspects of our lives. Nowadays people don’t only look for work to eat, but they also do jobs that are suitable for their base. Because according to him someone would not be happy if they only pursue a career without being accompanied by passion.

Veronika Linardi also realized that creating connections, helping people pursue companies where they could contribute to their skills, and helping companies find the candidates they needed, was something he could be proud of.


When one time Veronika Linardi started Qerja, she stated that she did not have a little experience in the world of the technology business. He always relied on skills in the HR field according to empirical work with not a few candidates and global learning space companies.

“I am determined to build a one-stop (Complete) career platform where we can help solve problems and respond to questions that people have about careers and self-development.”

Based on a survey conducted by Gallup, only 8% of Indonesian employees feel plunged into their world of work, while 15% of them intentionally do not involve themselves.

To overcome this, Veronika Linardi with Stephen Kohar finally enforced Qerja in April 2014. Qerja struggles to create a community where each person can share information on the company’s salary scale, and empirically they work in a company to the point that people can make decisions more directional (Material Consideration), and at the end will add happiness in the life of their activities.

On the first operational month (April 2014) the site has been visited by more than 50,000 people. Visitors do not only come from search engines to find salary information and company discussions but also to submit contributions by entering salary and review of their work location.

“We have not a few followers who support us with hundreds of thousands of user-created content.”

The support of this powerful user base is the end to launch Qerja as the most potent career portal in Indonesia.


12 Ways to Get Back from Failure Whatever Includes Defeat Playing Rummy

Who wants to fail? Within the limits of reasonable thinking, certainly no one wants to fail. All want to succeed.

However, how well the plans and actions are, there are obstacles or problems intercepting which lead to failure and even adversity. Regreting yourself, not knowing what to do, feeling you will not succeed, and despair are conditions that people often fail. Rummy games must certainly use the right tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

Rummy Games Illustration

If you feel like they are now, please don’t give up. You can rise from failure. To help you make that business happen, here are 12 techniques you can do. One of them is maybe try to search another poker website for it? you can search for agen poker online to start fixing your play. You can look for the rest of detail here:

# Look at Failure as a Way to Success

Believe it or not, you need multiple failures before the end at a point of success rises and can anticipate the mistakes that have been made before. The most important thing is that you continue to strive and continue to process, not keep quiet even though the results obtained are beyond expectations. If it’s only silent without any action, that’s where the failure starts permanently.

For example, you are a new alumni who has been rejected many times when applying for a job. Don’t complain or curse things, keep applying to as many companies. Plus, buy or read books related to psychological tests, job interviews, and tests of academic potential so that our confidence increases. If possible, learn from our friends who are successful employees. Remember, even Soichiro Honda, the founder of transportation products that was very familiar in the community, had been turned down to work as a mechanical engineer at the Toyota Motor company.

# Take Valuable Lessons from the Failure

Every time you feel like a failure, it’s certainly natural if you are sad. However, it shouldn’t be too long to drag on sadness. Remember the first point, that without failure, we will not be successful.

Continue to explore the causes of previous failures, then think about what you have learned and do not repeat in the future, and how the technique will correct those mistakes in the future. By reconstructing the experiences of failure, you are one step ahead of success. Failure in the past was not in vain because it had become a very valuable lesson as the spirit of self arose from failure and achieved success.

# Be proud if we ever fail

What failures also happen to you, whether it’s a breakup, a scholarly academic value, a location in a messy staircase, or a bankrupt business, proud. Why? Because successful people of the world have also been unsuccessful before and struggled to rise from that failure.

An example is J.K Rowling, the author whose work is now read by millions of people. It turned out that the Harry Potter script was rejected by a number of publishers.

JK Rowling Rock Bottom Quotes

A different example of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. He had failed to follow the university entrance examination twice, repeatedly failed to apply for a job, also after enforcing Alibaba, which was now a huge success, in the beginning his full career would be a bitter pill of failure.

# Thinking ahead

Success is something that requires hard work. Hard work is needed day and night, and someone might just give up halfway. What distinguishes them is successful people who have never succeeded many times, thinking far ahead. They remain optimistic and continue to work. Like Chinese bamboo, which takes 5 years to grow its roots first without visible development above the ground to find a strong supply.

It is correct to say that success is like placing bamboo. One cannot see it in the near future, but wait until the shoots have shot high some time later.

# Take care of your mind

A healthy mind will wake up a positive passion as well. Thoughts manifest in action. Actions become habits. Think that we are in the process of leading to success and can do better tomorrow. This mindset will give more spirit to be compared by continuing to assume that you are a product of failure. Take care of your mind, because there are no successful people who think negatively too long. Avoid associating with people who often underestimate or make negative sentences constantly.

# We don’t fail

You may have heard this motivational story. A girl did not manage to fry the crackers, then she grieved because the crackers were burnt.

His mother then comforted him by writing that the unsuccessful one was not his daughter, but the one who failed was the cracker. The point is, we don’t fail. However, the strategy you are working on is not right. So, explore other strategies or approaches. For example, we target sports 30 minutes each day. You don’t reach that target because you can only exercise 1 or 2 times a week. You can change this strategy to exercise 5 minutes each day.

# Remember Your Previous Success

If you feel that what you are doing is failing, unlike different people who seem to be successful in any business, try to look back. Failure often creates you filled with negative thoughts, especially rebuilding memories of failure after failure that we have been through.

Stop. Instead, try to remember what the greatest success we have ever achieved in life. Even small successes like winning something with prizes. Keep in mind why you are energetic at that time, how exciting it is to get something rewarded, family pride, when you succeed in making the family smile, and learn something from there.

# Evaluate Your Plan

After you have firmly felt you want to start again, pursue success, assessing our plans ahead.

Think about whether there is a better technique, is there someone who can help you, and are our expectations excessive? Think of other choices leading to something, be open to new ways that might be more effective in sending you to success.

# Failure Is Not Your Reflection

Maybe we have enjoyed being embarrassed because we have failed, like never finding work, not succeeding in cooking something we hope can shake the tongue, or anything that makes you feel inferior in front of other people.

But remember that failure is not an actual picture of ourselves. Instead, how we react to failure is the most judging. The choice is in our hand whether to rise or not. If people judge us according to your initial failures, that is not your problem at all.

# Give Time for the Next Movement

Time heals everything. Even broken hearts need time for someone to move on opening their hearts to new people. You may need a little time to wake up again by doing whatever you like. It’s okay, give yourself a time limit for this.

One day? A week? How much is that, make sure when the deadline expires, you are ready with plans that will be done. We can write the plan in the pocket book, cell phone, or in the format to do daily list.

# Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you are starting a business, build a relationship with a mentor who can help you rise from failure. There are people in this world who are just around someone who has been infected with enthusiasm. We need these positive energy people for your more positive thoughts and actions.

# Keep Trying

Awakening means you don’t give up in the middle of the road but need to keep trying. Thomas Alva Edison also sought 9,999 times to realize his dream, and only succeeded in the 10,000th experiment. One quote from him is “I did not fail. I even succeeded in finding 9,999 techniques that didn’t work for the results I wanted. ”

So, it should not be broken spirit if the number of failures is still far from the count of thousands. Every person has his own gift, believe me by continuing to strive for the gift to bear fruit for your success.

That’s the 12 techniques that will help you rise from failure or adversity. Remember that the least success is achieved by people who realize that failure is a way that must be passed before they succeed.


The Best Words of Life Motivation to Make Your Life More Enthusiastic

As a person who lives your life, you cannot be separated from problems and problems in life. Various life problems are indeed unpredictable and sometimes come from small or large problems that always make your life more difficult both physically and mentally.

Sometimes you need life motivational sayings from the people closest to you to always create your life more passionate. Like the wheel of life that continues to spin, sometimes we don’t often feel that the problem you are facing is difficult and creates us to assume that the problem will not pass away. But believe me, all things in this world are not permanent and one day they will be finished including our problems.

In order for your problems to be resolved quickly and life unencumbered, it is better for you as a person to always strive to continue to think positively and keep away from the negative thoughts that arise from the problem. Indeed it feels difficult to think positively when being hit by a problem, but it needs to be remembered by assuming positivity we can take lessons and practice from the problem you are experiencing. Even by being positive, we can remain calm in facing problems that are present and explore the best solutions to solve them.

Reading so many inspirational quotes that come from the experiences of many figures and people you know can sometimes help to give up motivation in our lives. This quote or quote can open your technique of thinking positively about your problem or your life. Who knows, by listening to these excerpts, it can help increase the spirit of our lives and direct our thinking techniques to a better direction.

The following are the various motivational sayings of your favorite life chosen by the editorial staff of from many figures who can help you think more positively. Please check below.

# Stop Blaming Everything

Tip: The attitude of blaming different people or something that is out of our control is an attitude that can stop the pace of our success. Focus on accepting the existing problem, stop blaming different people because it will not process ourselves to become better individuals. Based on information from Wayne Dyer, the effort to explore justification in this life is futile. Try to commit to picking up the responsibility laden with our lives and facing each of the problems that come with confidence.

# Take Risks, Dream Bigger, and Wish Big

Tip: Claude T. Bissell teaches us to remember to start our day with an attitude of enthusiasm, full of enthusiasm, and with a positive mind in welcoming life’s obstacles. Take more risks by focusing on the many opportunities that lie before your eyes. Give the best attention and service from you to need it. Never never have the chance to have a big dream so that you often have powerful goals for your will and hope that you will continue to succeed in each action.

# Do More and Wholeheartedly

Tip: Always work than what is paid for you now, then you will achieve a result that multiplies in the future. Make a commitment starting today to always give the best, what you do every day.

# Do What Makes You Happy

Tip: Realize the best strengths, talents, and interests in us and should not be tempted to take care of the superiority and strength of others. Focus your energy on being the best in your field. Search for interests and do the things we like with sincerity and keep learning. If you need to ask the opinions of the people closest to you because maybe they understand the power that maybe we are not aware of.

# Never Give Up Whatever Happens

Tip: Sometimes the obstacles in our lives can be called “ordinary” when compared to the challenges felt by different people who continue to fight harder than you face a bigger problem. All the work you do will not be useless as long as we don’t give up and can deal with it until the end. Don’t stop fighting because you think your business will be in vain. Remember that there are still not a few people out there who have more problems than you but never give up on them.

# Be grateful and appreciate the things we have

Tip: Always respect and not underestimate the closest things that we have like your parents, close relatives, or closest friends. Without support and their presence your life will probably become empty. Do not have the chance of success and life pleasure can only be achieved because of the support of people near you. Always respect their existence and give attention while still being able.

# Enjoy and Appreciate Changes in Life

Tip: Change is something that is sometimes scary, making you uncomfortable, confused, and difficult to adapt. But evolution needs to be carried out if you want to develop into a better and more resilient individual. Often the evolution of the environment becomes one of the main things why change sometimes comes without you knowing it and you are required to be someone who can adapt. Change now while you have time, focus our attention on the punishment you will receive in the future if you don’t take action now.

# Doubt is the Biggest Enemy in Reaching Dreams


Tip: Doubt is the main enemy of success. Often as human beings we feel mediocre because we don’t succeed in explaining the doubts in our minds. To be a champion, I and you need to familiarize our minds as an invincible force. Always think positively and carry out the actions in your mind regardless of the outcome. Don’t make doubts assume your limits to develop yourself and make achievements in life.

# Forgiveness Makes Us Become A Stronger Person

Tip: The attitude of forgiving those who have been guilty of us is the attitude that belongs to people who have strong character. The act of forgiving is an act of someone to forget the mistakes of others. By forgiving, we have lightened our minds, energy, and times. Revenge or hatred is what can hinder our civilization in life. Don’t be quiet and assume that time will heal a wounded heart, because you are the only one who has the right to forget and forgive anyone who is guilty of you. Be proud of yourself if you can forgive others because forgiveness is the action of strong people.

# Always Make Small Changes in a Better Direction

Tip: No matter how small the evolution you are doing as long as it is in a better direction, it will help our lives improve. Working on small changes regularly and with a sincere effort will create a great evolution in your life compared to not making changes at all. Remember that no matter how small the actions that make our lives more positive will bring great consequences in the future.



Don’t Let The Defeat In Your Poker Be 4 Reasons You Are Angry All Day

Everyone must have been angry at least once in a lifetime. Maybe it’s because you’re upset about traffic jams or because you miss the train to the point where you’re late in the office. But sometimes, some people get angry easily without being clear.

Like being angry is not always juntrungan can also damage the atmosphere of the people near you. Even though the name is available as soon as possible there is a fire. Therefore, recognize so many things that might cause you to be easily ignited so that you can immediately find a technique to overcome them.

Various matters that you have unwittingly been easily angry with :

# Not sleeping

It is not surprising anymore that people are sleeping. Make someone easy to be emotional. Lack of rest can contain alertness and decreased brain focus. So do not be surprised and sunbathe is not resting You become confused yourself, difficult to think clearly, difficult to remember, until it is difficult to receive new information. As a result, our efforts deteriorate sharply which can lead to stress. Stress effects of work are multiplied by the effect of not sleeping can make us explode like a time bomb.

This is done by research from the University of Pennsylvania which states that people who clot 4.5 hours each night around a week are more angry, sad, stressed, and tired. When they are sleeping for around 7-8 hours, their moods are better and more stable than in previous days.

# Depression

In addition, you can also try flowers for things that are challenging, you can also cause someone to get angry easily. In fact, people who can respond to something with rude behavior or words. Depression also allows one to do risky things, for example like reckless driving at high speed.

Depression should not be underestimated. If you are not infrequently angry but not and not energized to move, it is also always fun moody, try to consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

# Anxiety disorders

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ph.D, LCSW, a family of therapists in America, found that anxiety or danger can make a person manage their emotions.

People who are worried are used to being negative, something real. Conditions that are currently glowing or centered with unpleasant ones, they discharge them properly.

The difficulty of controlling these negative feelings and thoughts finally makes a person indicated his emotions with angry techniques.

# Hope does not match facts

In life, you must have a lot of expectations starting from trivial things to long term. However, the facts that occur do not match expectations, for example, there is no value of B + even if aspiring A or aspiring to rise, which can cause an explosion of thought in some people.

Especially when you are in a defeat a match is not in accordance with the expectations that you imagine, hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. For example in online poker games where the game relies heavily on basic rules and strategies. If you really understand the strategy then hope is good here you are and will become a reality not a mere victory.

This poker game can be a motivation for you. Where failure or defeat is not something that can make you give up. You can contact the Live Chat service to get a solution when there is a problem when playing. Besides that there are many online sites that provide online poker and other games such as Capsa, Blackjack, Casino and even Shoot Fish.

Take control of your anger You feel better
In addition, you can still find things that can cause you to get angry easily. Therefore, try to find things that cause it. You can decide what can be done to reduce the prevalence of irritability.

In addition, it is important to move the channel not to peak. One of the easiest techniques to use is unique in depth and slowly ejects it. Do these calm things until you feel better.

Lifestyle, Motivation

7 Words That Can Motivate Your Daily Life

Everyone has a different outlook on life and ways of thinking, so does their technique of living life.

Not all people are happy despite being rich and not all people always mourn when they have nothing. Many people feel their lives are the worst while those who feel that life is worse also don’t feel that way.

Sometimes not a few of you feel your life is still not good compared to other people’s lives. Have you ever or even often thought like this? If so, you must immediately cast such thoughts. There are many things that we don’t know about people who have a life that is no better than you but they can still be happy.

If you often ask how to be happy, or where you can buy happiness, you should be aware that happiness comes from yourself. Happiness does not come from other people, not hidden in a distant place, or even happiness must come at the right time according to your statement. Not at all touching the true understanding of happiness.

Thoughts that foster this happy boundary often come from how one does not adequately respect the life they have. Always matching yourself with different people or not often setting a standard of happiness with material size is a mistake that is often carried out repeatedly and continues to be carried out must know the matter is not something that is right. Unfortunately, even though this business is not something that is right, not a few who do not care and keep concentrating on their own happy standards.

Do you still see that your happiness can be set to standard? If so, you must be prepared for the fact that you will never be happy with your life. You will continue to thirst for achievements that are not infrequently more numerous, higher, and superior to you.

Conversely, when you feel your life is nothing, you often feel that you don’t deserve the happiness of life you receive. Wrong! This is clearly not a human thought and is not a proper mindset to instill in your offspring.

There are not a few things we can learn from our environment, one of which is how we create and feel your life to reach happiness without being set by certain standards. Our lives will not be happy only with material because material creates you and continues to thirst for more achievement. There are not a few things that you can learn about the motivations for a better life without having to include worldly things that are so mortal.

Failure occurs in our lives not only because you do not have the spirit of life, but because we are too late in the future and too anxious to undergo what will happen later in the day. As a result, you will not concentrate to complete what is in front of us, the results will also not be optimal and then again things that are perceived as negative emerge which also provoke us in the future.

Maybe you feel life is quite heavy and not infrequently there are new problems that are present and create more pressure every day for you. we feel that we are fed up with these problems because one has not passed a new problem. We need to know, as long as we live we will never avoid problems. It will often be that there are many new problems present in our lives and we cannot avoid them. So life is not a matter of how you solve problems, but more for how we deal with the reality of each day

If we live long enough, we make no small mistakes. But if you learn from that mistake, you will be a better person. That is how we face difficulties, not how the business affects you. The main thing is not to stop, not stop, and not stop. – William J. Clinton.

We, of all life, must have worked on what was called a mistake and that matter was the most human thing because humans were not perfect beings. But it is a foolish thing if you never learn from the mistakes you have ever made and the most powerful actions can be better people because you learn from mistakes. we will never be released from error and what creates you great is that you are brave enough to rise up and correct mistakes continuously without ever getting tired.

Our lives are not just about yourself. There are far more populations than just individuals, whose existence also supports your life. Never talk about what they have given you, what they have done for you. Ask the other way around, what have you done for others? When we expect a good action, don’t you have to start doing it first for someone else? Even so for our own lives and lives.

Sometimes you are blinded by worldly wealth that seems to be a determinant of someone’s happiness. Though the lesson is not a valid measure. Happy cannot be bought with money or exchanged for material. Happy get from someone when he successfully makes his life more meaningful. Even if we become the richest people in the world, we cannot be happy when you never feel enough. Try to see what we have now, isn’t it much better than what people out there have?

The life we live in now is not a matter of pursuing what its composition is but it is interpreted as something we have to go through and we fill it ourselves with experience. That is the real meaning of life. There is never a perfect understanding of life, what we do is the definition of life for yourself.

Sometimes you feel you are not favored by a number of people for certain things. Sad because not all people can like us, but look at the positive side. we don’t like people because you have what they don’t have, we live to fight for something and we get it while they don’t. What else do you want to be thankful for?


This Inspirational Story Encourages You to Always Do Good

It should be if every person always does good works, both for themselves and others. With good things, it will certainly make life in this world better.

No need to be a rich person to be able to participate in each of the good things that exist. Even by doing simple or small actions, it can play a role not a little to work on changes that function in the lives of individuals and different people around.

Well, as follows, there are a number of simple inspirational stories that can encourage you to always do good things to anyone.

# Blood Donation

One day, there was a woman who worked on blood donation in a charity work. After donating her blood, the woman immediately boarded the bus to return to her house. But around the trip, he enjoyed something strange. The woman felt dizzy that was unbearable, even finally unconscious not awake on the bus.

This certainly creates all passengers on the bus helping him belong to bus drivers who directly process the route to the nearest hospital to avoid things that are not expected to happen.

Because of the fainting, his valuable money and merchandise rose and scattered everywhere. But this condition does not create other bus passengers intending to work on lewd acts by picking up their belongings. All merchandise is returned without much less.

The kindness of a blood donor carried out by a woman turned to her with the virtue of the bus driver who drove her to the nearest sick residence and the passengers inside who turned the items around without any lack.

# Offering Seats when on Public Transport

There is someone going to work by bus. Luck sided with him, because when he stepped on the bus he immediately got a seat.

It is undeniable that the seating location in all public transportation is indeed the target of all passengers. Moreover, if not a few passengers take the bus, of course they will fight each other to occupy an empty place.

After a number of trips, the entire seat on the bus began to fill up. Not long after, a girl entered wearing pretty high heels. Because the whole seat on the bus is full, you want to not want the girl to stand up even though in a situation that is totally uncomfortable.

Immediately the person imagined if he himself was in the same situation as the girl, namely standing on the bus with the situation of using high heels, of course the most uncomfortable and troublesome. That way, the person offered his seat to be handed over to the girl. The girl immediately smiled and thanked her.

Later, the person left the office by bus and had to wear heels too. But unexpectedly, there was another girl who offered her seat to the person.

The above conditions can be used as learning as well, ie if it is indeed necessary to wear high heels to the office, try to replace them with sandals or flat shoes when going to use public transportation. Because wearing high heels is not only a hassle for yourself, but it will endanger different people around us.

# Giving Something to the Needs

On one day, there was a group of school children who went to the location behind their school when bedtime arrived. Of course, this matter will create different people who feel suspicious to see it. It could be that people suspect that a bunch of these children are doing unexpected things like smoking.

But in fact the assumption was wrong, it turns out the school children were handing out used clothes and food to a homeless father who often wandered around the school area.

If you witness the actions of these children, surely they will be moved to help ease the burden of the homeless, right?

Planting Goodness Will Give You Kindness

Doing good deeds on different people will give up good fruit then the day. The more simple little good that is done, there will be not a few virtues that come to you even though they don’t come directly. In essence, whatever I and you do will receive the appropriate reply.


Come on, Try the Next 6 Self Development Activities!

Knowing yourself sounds the simplest but it turns out it’s not easy to do. When you begin to recognize your character, it will be easy to identify the self-development techniques and talents that you have.

Automatically, you will also know what kind of work will help develop yourself physically, mentally, financially, and include your relationship with the people closest to you. Well, so you have the motivation to wake up in the morning and start the day with enthusiasm.

Indeed there are certain phases that make you confused and not too concerned with self-development. There is also the time you have sought but still not successful aka not a positive dominant in your life, precisely makes you feel down. Don’t give up in order to keep digging about yourself, because many activities can be done to improve your quality.

Before going on to a number of info about the self-development activities that I will provide in this paper, there are a number of things that you need to answer yourself while reading, yes. First, are you the type of person who is difficult to identify self-development that fits your character? Are you the type of person who is confident or wants to shut up and doesn’t quite like the crowd? Both of these matters are pretty good, you only know the answer, but you will know which work is right for self-development and potential that can be honed again.

# Improve your lifestyle

Staying up until midnight solely for gaming is one of the jobs you need to consider again. Starting from the outbreak of playing the game, you will be confined in your own world that cannot be said to be appropriate for self-development. Try to reduce the work that is less functioning and create your sleep schedule to fall apart. Self-development should be opened from the inside out, meaning the business that is in yourself first that needs to be repaired. Health is one of them, if your body is healthy and fit, of course self-confidence and enthusiasm will increase along with the physical condition that is ready for activities.

In addition to health, improving lifestyle also includes simple things such as clearing the room and location of your work in the office so that it is more convenient to be used as a place of activity every day. It’s simple, but if you are still lazy to manage it, it can be big, you will be lazy, even looking for self-development work that is not much more complex.

# Then let it go, design your future

It’s a little poetic but the activities you need to do to be able to advance and concentrate with self-development are not to be swept away with a later period that isn’t pleasant enough. You need to be sincere with what has happened, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing you cannot survive in that one moment as long as you are still alive. After you can release the memory first, then the steps to look at the future are definitely lighter.

If necessary, make a patch between the sides of your room wall that contains photos of your sweet moments that enhance each other’s enthusiasm. Focusing on the past often leaves you hopeless, motivated to live, and doesn’t care about your destination. In fact, each person must have their own goals to fulfill his life. So you can also self-development by tidying up “garbage” that does not need to be saved in life so that more useful items can have a place.

# Learn to concentrate with your superiority

What feelings do you get if you have to reflect on yourself? Are you happy, excited, or actually feeling disappointed? If you are asked to describe yourself, what creates you as a whole?

The self-value that you have will be dominant towards the next self-development. Before starting with another job, you must first identify the affairs of strength and excellence you should not even concentrate on your shortcomings. Being able to communicate with children for long and continuous periods, for example, is one of the strengths that others do not necessarily have. You can direct your strength to explore the work that later will also develop self-development that matches your character. If you become a kindergarten teacher, it really creates you more concentration with the advantages, you don’t need to go to the trouble of trying different professions that don’t connect with your strengths. Familiarizing yourself with concentration and honing your own superiority will help you to be more grateful, which will be a big dominant on your own development onward.

# Dress up!

In the past, when I wanted the thesis trial I remembered the message between the lecturers to look beautiful and beautiful during the trial. He said, dressed nicely would make self-confidence increase when I had to deal with many people, especially when I had to present my thesis. Besides that, appearing neat and attractive will also bring a pleasant aura to the person you are talking to. Not that it looks attractive for different people, but you will be more calm and comfortable when meeting people outside the house if your appearance is attractive.

You can also do self-development by experimenting with mix match clothes and accessories that you feel are suitable. But, you should not forget to adjust to the place you are going to go to, if you get the wrong costume you might be embarrassed and unsuccessfully practice the intention of self-development through the style of your clothes. Now there is also not a little media that gives inspiration to matching clothes, makes it to the office, party, or limited to outside meetings with clients. Take advantage of the media too for your personal development!

# Join workshops, talk shows or seminars

Already starting to fix and know the elements that must be trained, it’s time for you to go out and explore the environment that can support your self development to a higher stage. Workshop or talk show that channel info about young people’s self-development when you can find it easily. The number of hobby communities and professions also makes more and less creative programs presented to make the public. You just need to actively dig through social media or join the community to be able to update the schedule.

Participating in seminars or workshops will teach your courage to communicate with new people. The expertise and empiricism of the people you meet can be an encouragement and inspiration too so that you don’t get bored and give up in order to continue working on self-development. Joining workshops or seminars can also be your start to contribute significantly in the community or field that you like.

# Quality relationships

The closest people will be an urgent element that also affects self-development and even your mindset. When you socialize and enter the community, you need to choose friends who will have a positive effect on self-development, which doesn’t bring enough positive consequences you don’t need to worry. Making friends with people who value life and appreciate themselves will create a more revealed perspective. Positive thoughts will definitely lead you to a better atmosphere than if you concentrate on a sad and negative business.

In addition to friends, support from family and people you love will definitely increase your willingness to work on self-development. Your closeness with all cousins ​​can also be a good source of enthusiasm, especially if the achievements or achievements are related to your interests. So, it’s very true that someone who writes a relationship with the family is more urgent than chasing confession of a different person who is not sure to love and care about your development.

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