Recognizing Mistakes is More Valuable than Perfect Temples

I don’t think there is anyone who is going to be blamed.

Nor did anyone want to create mistakes. All of us will always strive to do our best and make sure everything is perfect.

It’s just that sometimes you are more consumed by ego and prestige. We are too proud to apologize when doing wrong. Too shy to admit that this person has a mistake. Even though other people can appreciate you more if you want to admit mistakes rather than merely pretending to be perfect.

Learning to Recognize Learning Mistakes to Become a Better Person

Because knowing and declaring yourself is wrong; from there, you learn to be a better individual. We cannot wear masks and pretend to be perfect individuals. Even though in reality you have not a few mistakes and weaknesses in yourself. We learn to be exposed and honest by acknowledging existing weaknesses and weaknesses. It’s not just being a “fake” person and claiming to be a perfect one.

Mistakes Make Us Remember to Always Be Humble

Don’t let you be a very arrogant and pretentious person in front of people. Because it creates mistakes, you are reminded again if we need to be human beings who remain humble. Control your ego and emotions better. It is not precisely feeling very right and creating a life for different people to suffer.

Because It Is Wrong, We Understand The Meaning of Gratitude More

Because you fall, you value your healthy feet and can walk. Because you know the tightness of crying and tears, you learn to appreciate more happy moments. And from doing wrong, you will better understand the meaning of gratitude. Thankful because it turns out you are still reminded to be careful about stepping. Grateful because it turns out you were told the signs so that you don’t repeat the same mistake or fall in the same hole. So that you will be a wiser and more mature individual in the future.

Perfect Temples That Over Time Will Make Us Tired

When you pretend to be perfect, really we will only demand more than a few things from ourselves. We burden ourselves with things that you should do. Over time this will create us tired ourselves. We lose our real character and identity. People can feel uncomfortable around us.

Ah, we are all creatures who have never escaped being wrong. At work locations, in romance and work, until things are concerned with the people closest to us, we certainly have made mistakes. It is true that admitting the error is far more severe, but from there we will learn more, not a few more things.