Success Story Veronika Linardi – Founder of and

Are you having trouble finding work?

Are we a fresh graduate who wants to start a career and explore job vacancies or we are seasoned people who are already bored with the old work location and want to resign? Quiet! You can use online software for all professionals to add careers, like and For all job seekers, of course, you know about this software.

But do we know who is the figure behind and He is Veronika Linardi, Co-Founder, and CEO of, Veronika Linardi is also the founder of the software jobs and Linardi Associates. Then what is the inspiring story of Veronika Linardi? The following is a triumphant story from Veronika Linardi, the founder of and, opened from biographies, profiles, and life’s journey. See the explanation.

Qerja is a community to share information about workplaces and salaries, especially for companies that are currently in Indonesia. Qerja has a database consisting of thousands of salary data and reviews of workplaces from a very accurate source, namely the experience of all employees.

While is a website that contains information on job vacancies in Indonesia. In the software, you can quickly dig for job vacancies according to our passion and willingness, classified as salary and position.

Biography of Veronika Linardi

Not a little is known about Veronika Linardi. This beautiful woman who appeared in Jakarta is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, United States. The idea to explore the company’s candidates arose when he helped his friend to find the right job for a company. This is where Veronika Linardi pursued her passion field and then decided to deepen this hobby.

Based on information from Veronika Linardi, Human Resources (HR) is a business that is unique because it is concerned with careers, among the most critical aspects of our lives. Nowadays people don’t only look for work to eat, but they also do jobs that are suitable for their base. Because according to him someone would not be happy if they only pursue a career without being accompanied by passion.

Veronika Linardi also realized that creating connections, helping people pursue companies where they could contribute to their skills, and helping companies find the candidates they needed, was something he could be proud of.


When one time Veronika Linardi started Qerja, she stated that she did not have a little experience in the world of the technology business. He always relied on skills in the HR field according to empirical work with not a few candidates and global learning space companies.

“I am determined to build a one-stop (Complete) career platform where we can help solve problems and respond to questions that people have about careers and self-development.”

Based on a survey conducted by Gallup, only 8% of Indonesian employees feel plunged into their world of work, while 15% of them intentionally do not involve themselves.

To overcome this, Veronika Linardi with Stephen Kohar finally enforced Qerja in April 2014. Qerja struggles to create a community where each person can share information on the company’s salary scale, and empirically they work in a company to the point that people can make decisions more directional (Material Consideration), and at the end will add happiness in the life of their activities.

On the first operational month (April 2014) the site has been visited by more than 50,000 people. Visitors do not only come from search engines to find salary information and company discussions but also to submit contributions by entering salary and review of their work location.

“We have not a few followers who support us with hundreds of thousands of user-created content.”

The support of this powerful user base is the end to launch Qerja as the most potent career portal in Indonesia.