The Story of the Success of the Life of the Lottery Winner – A Blessing or A Curse

The life of the lottery winner changes after the lottery jackpot win, and in fact, it is reasonable to assume.

The following is a story of success from lottery winners who will tell you about how they won it. The extent to which this evolution depends most depends on the winning character in question. There are, of course, those who will soon move to a luxurious environment, upgrade their cars (or even add all the fleets) and perhaps transplant their social circles.

However, there are also not a few people who insist that those who come into big windfalls will not cultivate who they are or how they live their lives. And a study conducted in 2012 by experts at Oxford Economics and published in the Daily Mail revealed that the person might be more common than previously thought. The study looked at 3,000 millionaires created by the UK National Lottery since it was founded in 1994, winning a total of £ 8.5 billion among them and investigating how they drain their money.

Facts about the life of the lottery winner

According to the success stories of lottery winners, I have made many statistics about the life of lottery winners found through many reliable sources:

  • 19% of lottery winners maintain their previous work
  • 18% of lottery winners stay at their primary residence location
  • 32% of lottery winners don’t live in five-star hotels around vacation trips
  • 31% of lottery winners participate in voluntary activities without pay
  • 780 millionaires have been made through prizes for colleagues or family members

Of course, this matter does not mean that no impulse purchases were made. The study also found many statistics that were easier to predict, including:

  • 958 live locations have been purchased, on average 2.7 per winner
  • 190 cars have been bought with a total expenditure of £ 463 million
  • 82% of lottery winners purchase new homes, with an average of £ 900,000
  • 29% of lottery winners purchase hot tubs
  • 22% of lottery winners have a game room

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Very clearly, victory will undoubtedly affect your lifestyle and your prospects, but also as far as you allow it. Here are three examples of case studies of success stories from lottery winners who have refused to ignore their windfalls as the cause of mass upheaval in their lives.

Three success stories from the life of lottery winners

  • Florida women continue to be servants after winning $ 1 million

The first success story of the lottery winner is Alexandra Char (about 21 years) intends to ensure that her victory will not process her and she only takes one day off before the end of returning to a Mexican restaurant to pursue her daily activities, namely as a waiter. He was still living in his apartment together with four roommates, his girlfriend and his favorite dog, Murphy. Instead of splashing the cash with a reckless technique, he invested in his tuition fees.

“I believe the money was given to me because I will do something big with it,” explained Char to ABC News. “I always feel like this is an opportunity to start a new chapter in my life.”

  • The Belfast bus driver remains firm on its roots.

Back in 1996, Peter Lavery successfully made £ 10.2 million on the lottery and immediately hung his driver’s shoes. He also made a free purchase of goods in the Tudor-style fleet of cars and locations in the capital city of Belfast but insisted on writing that money would not process him.

He still buys goods at Tesco supermarkets and thrift stores; he even uses old bags and fades jeans; he still washed his sewer – a custom that resulted in him falling from the roof of his house on one occasion. “I don’t think winning money must process you,” Lavery told the Telegraph newspaper. “I don’t care what people think of me. Why should I use a golden cup for a cup of tea? I am a normal person, and I do normal things “.

  • Mallorca women quietly won $ 126 million

In 2009, a 25-year-old woman from the small island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain won $ 126 million. Instead of shouting about his victory from the roof, he concluded to move away from his beloved island as well as to avoid attention and merely tell a few people about his property.

The woman, who identified herself solely as Catalina to guard her anonymity, still kept her job for around two years and even always counted coins until now. He uses a car that is very common in the market, lives in a country residence that is not large or luxurious, uses a dress from Zara and is still subscribed to the location of a local public hospital residence. The primary motivation for living a normal life? To protect his 4-year-old son from the center of attention and the danger of being spoiled. “I do not want him to know that he has sprung up in wealth,” the woman explained to the El Mundo newspaper.

Can you be the lottery winner and tell the story of your success? Start a new life as a lottery winner, or stay loyal to the old one? Answer in your mind when you win a lottery. To be able to win is easy enough, follow your predictions and form your lottery number which is the best provider of comprehensive information about lotteries found in Indonesia.
See you in the next article and greetings of success!