This Inspirational Story Encourages You to Always Do Good

It should be if every person always does good works, both for themselves and others. With good things, it will certainly make life in this world better.

No need to be a rich person to be able to participate in each of the good things that exist. Even by doing simple or small actions, it can play a role not a little to work on changes that function in the lives of individuals and different people around.

Well, as follows, there are a number of simple inspirational stories that can encourage you to always do good things to anyone.

# Blood Donation

One day, there was a woman who worked on blood donation in a charity work. After donating her blood, the woman immediately boarded the bus to return to her house. But around the trip, he enjoyed something strange. The woman felt dizzy that was unbearable, even finally unconscious not awake on the bus.

This certainly creates all passengers on the bus helping him belong to bus drivers who directly process the route to the nearest hospital to avoid things that are not expected to happen.

Because of the fainting, his valuable money and merchandise rose and scattered everywhere. But this condition does not create other bus passengers intending to work on lewd acts by picking up their belongings. All merchandise is returned without much less.

The kindness of a blood donor carried out by a woman turned to her with the virtue of the bus driver who drove her to the nearest sick residence and the passengers inside who turned the items around without any lack.

# Offering Seats when on Public Transport

There is someone going to work by bus. Luck sided with him, because when he stepped on the bus he immediately got a seat.

It is undeniable that the seating location in all public transportation is indeed the target of all passengers. Moreover, if not a few passengers take the bus, of course they will fight each other to occupy an empty place.

After a number of trips, the entire seat on the bus began to fill up. Not long after, a girl entered wearing pretty high heels. Because the whole seat on the bus is full, you want to not want the girl to stand up even though in a situation that is totally uncomfortable.

Immediately the person imagined if he himself was in the same situation as the girl, namely standing on the bus with the situation of using high heels, of course the most uncomfortable and troublesome. That way, the person offered his seat to be handed over to the girl. The girl immediately smiled and thanked her.

Later, the person left the office by bus and had to wear heels too. But unexpectedly, there was another girl who offered her seat to the person.

The above conditions can be used as learning as well, ie if it is indeed necessary to wear high heels to the office, try to replace them with sandals or flat shoes when going to use public transportation. Because wearing high heels is not only a hassle for yourself, but it will endanger different people around us.

# Giving Something to the Needs

On one day, there was a group of school children who went to the location behind their school when bedtime arrived. Of course, this matter will create different people who feel suspicious to see it. It could be that people suspect that a bunch of these children are doing unexpected things like smoking.

But in fact the assumption was wrong, it turns out the school children were handing out used clothes and food to a homeless father who often wandered around the school area.

If you witness the actions of these children, surely they will be moved to help ease the burden of the homeless, right?

Planting Goodness Will Give You Kindness

Doing good deeds on different people will give up good fruit then the day. The more simple little good that is done, there will be not a few virtues that come to you even though they don’t come directly. In essence, whatever I and you do will receive the appropriate reply.